Talayna Fortunato-3x CrossFit Games Competitor, 3rd in 2012 and 5th in 2013

As a Physical Therapist for 6 years and a professional CrossFit athlete for the past 4 years I am very knowledgeable about human anatomy and in tune with my own body. I sought Dr. Chappell's help with a long standing ankle issue I had been dealing with for 4 years. He was able to identify for me, during his examination, the structures of my ankle on an ultrasound screen. He was also able to diagnose a mobile bone fragment within my joint by using a syringe for palpation and show me the fragment moving in real time. After 2 MRI's, 2 radiographic images, 3 cortisone injections, 1 stem cell injection, 1 PRP treatment and an arthroscopic surgery the year prior, he was able to figure out the underlying problem through ultrasound that no one else had. This led me to another orthopedic surgeon who did indeed find a large bony fragment in my ankle and fixed my issue. If not for Dr. Chappell taking the time he did I don't know if it would have gotten the problem fixed and I doubt I would have been able to go back to competing like I have. 

Dr. Chappell was able to visualize the structures around my meniscus and diagnose a tear of the ligament holding the medial meniscus in place. After one treatment with PRP the instability and clicking I was feeling during squatting went away. Most Dr.s or therapists I've spoken to don't even address these ligaments they're so small, but they definitely can have an affect as a pain generator if you know what to look for and he did.