Weight loss and Lifestyle Improvement


Medically Developed Weight Loss Program

Here at In2it Medical, our goal is to help you decrease your pain and increase your function. One tool that we offer to help you with this is a medically developed weight loss program.  We know that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important and it will help you along your journey to being well.


How it Works

The focus of our weight loss program is to get your body to burn fat, while maintaining your muscle mass.  This is accomplished by restricting your intake of carbohydrates and sugars so that your body starts to use the fat that it has stored for energy. 

Typically, our body uses three reserves for energy.  The first reserve our bodies use are carbohydrates, once this reserve is depleted it then uses protein and fat.  Our bodies store about three days’ worth of carbohydrates to use for energy, so with this diet you will restrict your carbohydrate consumption to deplete those stores thus encouraging your body to turn to the fat reserve.  In order to maintain your muscle mass while on this diet, you will be consuming foods that contain high quality protein that your body will absorb so the weight you are losing comes from fat loss and not muscle loss. 

How long will I be on the program?

The length of the program depends on the individual person.   This program is tailored to each individual to help them meet their weight loss goals and is dependent on many factors including age, weight, personal circumstances and health, all of which will affect the length of time you will be on the program.

It is not a long term diet, the goal, along with weight loss, is to help you to be more mindful of what you eat and to end the program with healthy habits that you can continue for a lifetime. 

Will I have support while on the program? 

Yes! You will have weekly meetings with your health coach where they will help encourage you, keep you on track, and make sure you stay focused on your goals.  They will be able to tailor the program to your specific needs and be there to support you on your journey.

Also, at the weekly meeting, your coach will use a body composition analyzer to make sure you are losing fat while maintaining your muscle mass.  This will help to monitor your progress and make sure that you are progressing towards the goals that you set and that your body is responding in the way that it should be.