4 Ways to Prevent Back Injuries During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a beautiful experience for many women. Those nine months of developing life can bring such joy. However, that joyful experience can be interrupted by unwanted pain and discomfort. According to the American Pregnancy Association, 50 to 70 percent of women experience back pain during pregnancy.


Many needlessly suffer through the back pain, seeing it merely as a part of pregnancy. But, with proper care, back pain does not need to be an enduring part of the pregnancy experience. With the right steps and proper care of a physician, the pain can be resolved and the pregnancy enjoyed to its fullest.


Back pain can occur due to many factors caused by pregnancy. As reported by Webmd, on average, women gain 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy. This can add undue stress on the back due to the shift in the center of gravity. Another factor that causes back pain is the hormone relaxin, which is produced during pregnancy in order to loosen muscles and ligament in preparation for delivery. However, this hormone can also loosen the ligaments that support the spine. Without the support of these ligaments, injury and back pain will occur.


The following 4 tips can help prevent back injuries during pregnancy:

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Squat don’t bend. With the change in the body’s center of gravity, pregnant women are in greater danger of injury when picking up heavy objects. Women in such condition should avoid lifting heavy items, but if needed, remember to squat rather than bending over.


Don’t sleep on your back. Sleeping during pregnancy is difficult enough. It may be tempting to position yourself on your back in order to sleep better. However, this position puts strain on the back and can cause injury and pain. Try sleeping on your side, using pillows to provide support.


Wear a support belt. There are many support belts available online or at stores specializing in pregnancy apparel that help alleviate the stress on the back due to pregnancy. Support belts are often seamless below clothing and will provide the much needed relief you are looking for. Your physician may be able to provide suggestions on the support belt that will best suit you.


Physician approved exercises. If pain persists, your physician may be able to prescribe exercises that are safe and effective for strengthening your core and lower back muscles. Remember to consult your physician before pursuing any workout routines, as some exercises may be harmful to you and your baby.


If you have pain during your pregnancy, do not suffer needlessly, consult a physician. In2it Medical specializes in treating pregnancy pain without surgery or medications. Call our office and schedule your first visit.


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