Norm's Story


One of our patients, Norm explains how having the carpal tunnel procedure using the Sonex SX-One Microknife has improved his condition in such a short time.


Natalie's Story


Natalie shares her recent experience of receiving a carpal tunnel release using the Sonex SX-One MicroKnife. She is a teacher and mother to young children and did not have time to take off for recovery. This procedure allowed her to get right back into normal life rather than having a long recovery period.

Peggy's Story


Peggy shares her experience with her bad knee's and how Dr. Chappell was able to help with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).


Sandy's Story


After a childhood injury to her arm, our patient, Sandy, was left with chronic pain from which she never found any real relief. She told us her about her experience and success with platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections. 

Melinda B.

Carpal Tunnel

I've had multiple treatments done and each one has provided relief after the years of chronic pain. I also had the carpal tunnel release done on both hands and I couldn't be happier with the easy recovery versus the recoveries I've had with traditional or endoscopic surgeries. Not to mention that having the function restored in my hands has been a life changer. Dr. Chappell is the best doctor for pain relief and truly cares about each patient as a person, not a number. [sic]

Katie M.


Dr. Chappell is extremely good with body manipulations. I am very hyper mobile and as a result often have chronic pain, especially with my lower back and ribs. I saw chiropractors for years, but found osteopathy to be far superior. Dr. Chappell works with my muscles and uses cranial sacral as well. I highly recommend him for anyone living with chronic pain. [sic]


Kadee W.

Dr. Chappell and his staff are so amazing! I have never felt so comfortable in a doctors office before. He cares about his patients and makes sure he knows about your situation before he suggests treatment. He helped solve my foot pain that every other doctor said was "untreatable". [sic]

Casey G.


I partially tore my LCL and had calcification from my IT band rubbing after a cycling accident 3 yrs ago. Since then I was not able to run any sort of distance, bike, or weight train without pain. After seeing Dr Chappell, he did a PRP treatment on my knee using ultrasound guidance. I was able to immediately walk, but after just 3 weeks it felt better than it did in 3 yrs! After 6 weeks, i feels like I have a brand new knee with full mobility and no pain! I can run distance again and have started leg day at the gym again (bye bye chicken legs)! He's the best! [sic]

Carrie W.

If you want a really special experience, then i suggest making In2it Medical your lace to go when you are in a lot of pain. Dr Chappell, makes healing a fast process. His expertise in the heeling field is second to non. Before I started seeing him, I didn't have much hope for enjoying the walking experience. With the nerve pain intervention treatments,  I am no waking again pain free. his entire staff is so pleasant to work with that I highly recommend making this a definite stop to get you on the right track to feeling better in your life. Thanks guys for all you have don for me. [sic]

Shannon S.

After 8 months of dealing with debilitating pain and numerous doctors and procedures with no diagnosis I finally found In2it Medical! Dr. Chappell was able to diagnose and treat my pain immediately!  He is so kind, caring, and nowledagble. I high recommend Dr Chappell and his caring staff. [sic]

Larry G.


PRP Injection on Shoulder- Great experience all the way around. From the front office to the nurses and Dr. Chappell, Everyone was courteous and professional through every step of the process. Highly recommend! [sic]

Lu P.


I injured my neck during a basketball game and went to a chiropractor for help the day of- unfortunately he only made it worse and I couldn't turn my head much. I then went to Dr. Chappell and he was very gentle and helpful along the way. I had immediate relief. [sic]

Trina C.

Dr Chappell is a problem solver. He fixes pain. He and his office personal are delightful. I will be forever grateful that I found his office. [sic]

Brian C.

Competent, friendly, knowledgeable, and solution based non-surgical treatments. Rather than just treatments of symptoms, I have personally experience real healing from Dr. Chappell. Before considering surgery, consult with Dr. Chappell. [sic]