unstable and loose joints

Hypermobility of a joint, or the ability of a joint to move beyond its normal range of motion, can cause joint pain and increased risk of injury such as sprains or dislocations.


Osteoarthritis, or "wear and tear" degenerative arthritis is a common chronic joint condition in which the cartilage between joints breaks down. This can lead to joint stiffness, swelling and pain. There are several non-surgical treatments for osteoarthritis, many of which are available at In2it Medical.

s/i joint instability

The sacroiliac (SI) joint is an articulation of fortified ligaments that connect the ilium (pelvis) to the sacrum (base of the spine). The durability of the SI provides minimal movement, allowing for effective transfer of weight between the upper body and legs. Sprain, inflammation, or changes in mobility may cause pain in the low back, buttock and may radiate down the leg. Common in downhill running, unilateral motions such as a golf swing, punting, dancing, hurdles, high jumps, or pregnancy.

Typical treatment Options for joint issues & arthritis