Personalized & STRAIGHT-FORWARD Pain Treatment

Our goal is to decrease pain, and improve function, which can be achieved with a correct diagnosis and treatment plan.  This plan will often require pinpoint accuracy in diagnosis and treatment for optimal outcomes. We are dedicated to this end.

Prior Your Appointment

  • After scheduling your appointment, you will be directed to setup your account via the online MyCarePlan. Here, you can fill out all necessary paperwork which will include your health history. If you are able to get this done prior to your first visit this will save you a lot of time upon arriving at our office.

  • If you have had previous imaging performed, please arrange to bring the images, along with the results, to your appointment. This will speed up the process of gathering information in order to secure a correct diagnosis.

At Your Appointment

  • After you are checked in, Dr. Chappell will spend time with you learning about your concerns and what it is you would like to accomplish.

  • Dr. Chappell will then perform a thorough examination and discuss with you his findings and next steps.

  • Often times, diagnostic testing will be ordered, which may include further imaging studies.

  • Once a diagnosis is achieved, Dr. Chappell will discuss your treatment options with you. There are always options. If you already have an idea of how you would like to proceed, this is very helpful, so please share your desires for treatment as you know your body better than anyone else and will oftentimes be right on when it comes to best treatment options for yourself.

We look forward to meeting you and assisting you in achieving your goals. Whatever it is you would like to do we want to be the ones to help you get back IN2IT.