A New Kind Of Carpal Tunnel Treatment

New kind of carpal tunnel treatment pic.jpg

If one of the first things you do each morning is “shake out” your hands or wrists, that may be a sign that you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, which occurs when the median nerve leading from the forearm to the palm of the hand becomes compressed. Of course, a compulsion to shake your hands isn’t the worst of the symptoms. Carpal tunnel can cause burning, tingling, or itching numbness in the palm of the hand and the fingers, and you may no longer have the grip strength to grab hold of small objects.

Are we describing you or someone you know? If so, you’ll be happy to know that Dr. Craig Chappell has just been trained on an innovative new treatment for carpal tunnel. He’s the first Utah physician trained in the procedure!

The new procedure uses the SX-One MicroKnifeTM, an instrument developed by doctors at the Mayo Clinic that requires only a single micro-incision that is up to five times smaller than that required for traditional carpal tunnel release (CTR) surgeries. Because it’s less invasive than the traditional surgery, there’s less scarring and recovery times are significantly reduced.

“Technology has given us another extremely effective tool for reducing pain and improving quality of life—this time for people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome,” said Dr. Chappell. “The In2it Medical practice is all about eliminating or reducing pain, so we’re pleased to be the first in Utah to be able to offer this new path to relief.”

Carpal tunnel syndrome affects some 12 million Americans annually, resulting in more than 500,000 surgeries. Traditional open and endoscopic CTR procedures are generally effective, but typically require outpatient surgery in a surgical center or hospital, a possible lengthy recovery period, and sometimes painful scarring. CTR procedures using the SX-One MicroKnife can be performed in a doctor’s office under ultrasound guidance in less than one hour and require only an adhesive bandage to close the wound. The SX-One MicroKnife is designed to protect sensitive nerves, tendons and blood vessels as the transverse carpal ligament is bisected during the procedure. As with traditional CTR surgeries, this new procedure is covered by most insurance plans.

Interested in learning more about the CTR procedure using the SX-One MicroKnife? Go here. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Chappell, call us at 801-610-7321 or visit our website