Hope for pregnant women with back pain

If you’ve ever been pregnant, or accompanied a woman through pregnancy, you know that lower back and pelvic pain can rob a woman of the joy she expects as she awaits her baby’s arrival. It’s astounding, but an estimated 70 percent of women experience such pain!

But why is that? Because a pregnant body is one with biomechanics that are changing. Your center of gravity changes as your baby grows and you put on weight. Your back may hurt from supporting the added weight. Plus pregnancy hormones are causing ligaments (even those in your mouth!) to relax, which can put more strain on muscles.

However, there is hope and help and we’re prepared to provide both through Osteopathic Manipulative Treatments (OMT). These techniques, also used to help injured athletes, involve using pressure and resistance to work with the muscles, connective tissues, and joints. The goal is to ease your pain, improve your range of motion, and help your body function more efficiently while it supports two of you — and later, only you. OMT during pregnancy can help you rebound more quickly after you give birth, and OMT while you are still the hospital can help ease post-partum pain.