We're Hiring! Medical Billing Specialist Job Opening


Insurance Claims Coding & Billing

-Review & verify automatic charges for correct and complete coding (compare charges with chart notes)
-Generate electronic claims 3-5x/week
-Evaluate when claims need additional attention. Update/correct claims and re-bill when necessary.
-Create and file appeals when necessary
-Work aged accounts - contact insurance companies as necessary to follow-up on claims processing

Patient Account Management

-Answer patient calls for questions regarding balances and statements
-Help patients interpret their EOBs and understand insurance processes
-Manage unassigned payments and apply them to outstanding balances or submit requests for refund
-Monitor patient accounts for past-due balances and arrange payment prior to collections status
-Submit aged patient accounts to collections as needed

Billing Management

-Keep insurance files up to date with current fee schedules
-Review fee schedules and reimbursements at least annually
-Maintain and update insurance contracts as needed
-Run and review billing reports monthly with Practice Manager


-1-2 years experience in medical billing
-Ability to communicate effectively with patients while providing good customer service
-Experience working with Medicaid, Medicare, and Commercial Payers
-Experience submitting claims and appealing denied claims
-Ability to understand and assess CPT & ICD-10 codes

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