Shoulder Pain Relief

Bill is a 55 year old gentleman that hurt his right shoulder when he was getting into his car and threw his gym bag from the driver's seat to the passenger's seat. He immediately felt pain, but not enough to cause him to seek treatment. After 8 weeks, he was no longer able to perform overhead activities, such as reaching into the cupboard to get a dish. When we first met Bill, he was unable to raise his right arm above his head and had pain when he elevated his arm to shoulder level. We discussed options and recommended an ultrasound exam of his rotator cuff which revealed a rotator cuff tear. He was under the impression that this always requires a surgery and he could not afford the time off work. After a discussion, Bill was relieved to learn that he didn’t need an MRI or surgery.  We discussed treatment options and Bill decided to proceed with regenerative injections in conjunction with physical therapy directed at the entire shoulder. After a series of injections and 6 weeks of PT, Bill was back to throwing gym bags, pain free.