Consensus Statement on Stem Cell Procedures

The aggressive marketing approach currently used by practitioners and clinics regarding various birth tissue products as safe and effective "stem cell therapy" is not supported by the existing scientific literature.

As practicing physicians, scientists, and regulatory experts we have increasingly observed aggressive advertising and sales tactics being used by alternative health clinics (chiropractors, naturopaths, and acupuncturists) as well as physicians and mid-level providers to market “stem cell” treatments derived from birth tissues. The products used are derived from birth tissues such as umbilical cord blood and/or Wharton’s Jelly or amniotic fluid/membrane. Many patients spend thousands of dollars on these therapies to treat orthopedic problems and/or a myriad of other incurable diseases.

Research has found that these amniotic and cord blood products did not contain live or functional stem cells. In addition, research groups found that many of the growth factor levels in these products were significantly lower than those found in common autologous orthobiologic products like platelet-rich plasma.

Here at In2it Medical we only use autologous (or patient-derived) orthobiologic products such as bone-marrow aspirate and platelet-rich plasma to ensure we are providing our patients with the best possible outcomes.

Here is the link to the full Consensus Statement,

Platelet-rich Plasma treatment has research to back its success and is compliant with FDA regulations..png