Helping The Body Heal Itself

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Remember the last time you nicked yourself with a razor or a kitchen knife? You bled a bit, but it stopped. A scab may have formed to cover the cut. Within days, your skin knit itself back together and the nick was nothing but a memory. It’s amazing how the body can heal itself! You might even call it regenerative. In fact, that’s the name given for an exciting branch of medicine that is changing how people heal from injury, pain and disease.

Regenerative medicine is, in the words of the Mayo Clinic, a “game-changing area of medicine.” What you may not know is that Utah has a doctor uniquely experienced in the practice of regenerative medicine, our own Dr. Craig Chappell. He has been performing regenerative injections with the use of ultrasound for the past six years and has taught regenerative injection technique nationally and internationally — from Cincinnati, Ohio, to Honduras. In addition to regenerative medicine, Dr. Chappell specializes in sports medicine and non-surgical orthopedic medicine, giving him the depth and breadth to diagnose, understand and treat disorders and disease.

Dr. Chappell uses regenerative injections to help patients with a range of problems — from sports injuries to nerve pain and from arthritis to back, neck and head pain. The procedure involves injecting platelet rich plasma (from the patient’s own blood), stem cells (from the patient’s own body) or a sugar solution into the patient’s soft tissue, guided by ultrasound. Over time, with repeated injections, the body’s inflammatory response creates a healing cascade, stimulating the body’s ability to heal itself.

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