Is Stem Cell Therapy Right For You?

Stem-cell therapy is showing great promise and rapid development as a non-surgical treatment for pain, particularly in in the back and joints. While stem cell therapy is a relatively new treatment option for many applications, In2It Medical patients have enjoyed very good results.

Curious about how this type of therapy can help you? Here are some facts to help you decide whether stem cell therapy is right for you.

What is stem cell therapy?

Stem cell therapy means growing stem cells in a laboratory, then injecting them into damaged or injured parts of the body to stimulate the regeneration of healthy tissue.

What are stem cells?

Different cells in our body have specific jobs, and specialized forms to do them: skin, blood, bones, organs, muscles and so on are made of specialized cells.

Stem cells develop into specific types of cells in a process called differentiation, after which they’re ready to do their jobs.

Where do they come from?

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There are two types of stem cells: embryonic and adult. Every developing embryo starts as stem cells in the womb. These then differentiate into the various organs and structures of the body.

Taking stem cells from human embryos is controversial, but adults of all ages have stem cells too. They allow us to replace damaged tissue, heal wounds, and even grow hair.

There are many studies and clinical trials involving the medical uses of stem cells to treat a wide range of issues, from heart disease to infertility, and even to regrow teeth.

Harvesting stem cells

It has proven difficult to grow stem cells in a lab in enough quantity for research.

At In2It Medical, we solve this problem by using your own stem cells to treat you, in a procedure called bone marrow aspiration. It’s not as bad as it sounds — in fact, we do it in our office and use only a local anesthetic. You’re awake for the whole process.

Then we separate the stem cells from the sample we’ve collected from your bone marrow, and inject it into the area that hurts you. At In2It, this is most commonly the knee, followed by the lower back, should, and other joints. The whole procedure takes less than 90 minutes.


Any treatment that involves injection carries some risk of infection, bleeding or nerve damage. We reduce this by using ultrasound monitoring to guide the harvesting and the injection of stem cells, and following best practices for eliminating chance of infection.

In contrast to procedures that use cells grown in a lab from donors, our procedure has no risk of allergic reaction or rejection because we use your own cells.

Also, this procedure avoids the risks associated with any surgery.


Stem cell therapy is a relatively new treatment. Clinical case reports show effectiveness in orthopedic use. In2It Medical patients have reported very positive results in reducing pain and increasing function, with almost no side effects.

Is it right for you?

If you’re suffering pain from osteoarthritis in joints, or from damage to knee cartilage or muscle tears, you might be a good candidate for stem cell therapy.

Sports injuries and repetitive motion injuries can also be good candidates for stem cell therapy.

Another possible case is degenerative disc disease — which all human adults have to some extent, and which can cause significant, chronic pain in the low back. In this case, we would inject stem cells into the degenerated discs, and monitor your progress over time.

You don’t have to live with chronic pain. Schedule an appointment with us to find out whether stem cell therapy in Pleasant Grove Utah is the right choice for you