Quicker Recovery From Carpal Tunnel

Quicker recovery from carpal tunnel pic.jpg

An innovative new treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome has come to Utah and it’s available from only one doctor: Our own Craig Chappell. This carpal tunnel release treatment reduces recovery times and scarring. In fact, those who have this treatment do not even get stitches. They leave with an adhesive bandage! No wonder patients are coming from throughout Utah and our neighboring states to be treated.

The new procedure uses the ultra-low profile SX-One MicroKnifeTM, an instrument developed by doctors at the Mayo Clinic and first used there for carpal tunnel releases last February. It requires only a single micro-incision that is up to five times smaller than that required for traditional carpal tunnel releases. Dr. Chappell can use ultrasound guidance to maneuver the surgical device through the tiny incision. It’s designed to protect sensitive nerves, tendons and blood vessels.

Are you one of the estimated 12 million Americans who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome each year? Some of the symptoms include burning, tingling, or itching numbness in the palm of the hand and the fingers. You also might have lost the strength to grab small objects. Traditional carpal tunnel release surgery is often effective, but it requires outpatient surgery in a surgical center or hospital, a larger incision and typically longer recovery periods.

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